Paper Submission

Format requirements:

1) Manuscripts must be written in English;

2) The manuscript should be written in accordance with the standard of template;
3) The paper should be no less than 4 pages and no longer than 15 pages;
4) Plagiarism is prohibited.

Submission Methods:
1) Please submit your papers (word or pdf) and Paper Submission Form to the E-mail address
2) Full Paper Submission (Publishing paper in the conference proceeding as well as presenting it at conference): You need to submit full paper for review.

1) All the submitted papers will be peer reviewed by 2-3 reviewers. It takes 1-2 weeks for the result coming out. 

2) If the paper needs revising, it should be resubmited for peer review again.

3) Any submission deviating from these guidelines will be rejected without consideration of its merit.